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Beverly Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief, and HOST on WLMR.FM, for LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE RADIO • Mondays live 6-8pm, (E.T.) • repeated throughout the week via podcast. Beverly Kennedy's LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE RADIO team puts the focus on modern living, with her award‐winning "facts from fiction"© penetrating style. Whether "Fixing Financial Fiascoes" ©, or revealing unknown "inside information" about political goings‐on in Broward and Palm Beach, Tallahassee and Washington, DC. There's a wealth of Health, Legal and Social information available on the radio program every week to improve and protect your lifestyle.

Listen to well‐defined wise solutions to avoid financial fiascoes, an educated editorial perspective and updated factual information about Politics, Health, Financial, and Legal issues that will affect your lifestyle; always with special guests and co‐hosts. Showcasing local cultural events are the program's 2nd purpose. Diversity Planning Institute (www.dpiinc.org), a Florida not‐for‐profit produces and researches "Facts from Fiction ©"for the show. Bev Kennedy professionally specialized as an award winning financial advisor and Public Trustee since 1977. Radio Podcasts are available on WLMR.FM everyday 24/7 under the heading MEDIA, listened by over a million people everywhere thru‐out the USA and the world! Call 800-696-6566 for more info. Office for Lifestyles Magazine Radio, Cendyn Bldg, Suite #110, 980 Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, Florida 33432.

Beverly Kennedy's Lifestyles Magazine Radio is now available on WLMR.FM AS A PODCAST Daily, 24/7. To call live Monday Evenings with questions or comments 800-889-0267.

About Beverly Kennedy

LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE™ Radio Show with the highest levels of researched facts & timely information will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of valuable information and an opportunity to get relevant questions answered, we're sure you'll be happy with us. Learn more at www.dpiinc.org

Beverly Kennedy will bring to WLMR-FM Monday Evening's Line‐up accurate researched facts and knowledgeable guests to inform us with "Facts From Fiction For Fixing Financial Fiascoes"©; concentrating on the important financial, health and legal issues affecting our lifestyles. Well‐defined solutions and lifestyle enhancing cultural events are the programs purpose to help with your life priorities. Add remarkable, guests & call‐ in Questions and comments welcome from listeners and the Radio 3‐ hour show flashes by Monday nights quickly! Diversity Planning Institute (www.dpiinc.org) produces the radio show

"Financial Facts From Fiction"©, Part 1 Beverly Kennedy, Editor‐in‐Chief…  IT'S NOT OUR FAULT !  We have never been taught how to make good, sensible financial decisions. As youngsters we were taught how to print, write, ride bikes, shop, eat, and play golf, tennis, football or some sport. As adults we have been marketed, fooled or just plain persuaded to buy securities, gold, cars, expensive watches & jewelry, currency, real estate depending on the greed factor…yours or the salesperson. We were taught the alphabet in the proper order, but never taught the simplistic priorities of how to make financial decisions.

We have been warned all our lives about the dangers could that hurt our lives. We could drown if we can't swim, we could get struck by lightning in a storm, or we could break a bone in our body if we are not careful. Yet we are not prepared for "the risks of life" to our financial security which are: *Financial, *business, *market, *political, *family, *legal, *interest, and *health (most important of all).

Beverly Kennedy, Editor‐ in‐Chief with 38 years of experience of South Florida living,arrived from Port‐Au‐ Prince, Haiti,1976. She produced and hosted Haiti's only Television Magazine, twice weekly for 3 years before moving to South Florida.

Locally Beverly Kennedy was the former retirement planner for employees & administration of Pembroke Pines General Hospital, Broward Community College, and the Broward County School System. Bev Kennedy also was the Daily Radio Show Talk Show Host and Producer of her Radio Show on a West Palm Beach, iHeart Radio Station WBZT.COM.(6 years ago).

Bev Kennedy still holds the title of "most awarded financial consultant of Broward County" for her integrity, leadership and success by Nova‐Southeastern University, 2001. Nova University appointed Beverly to be the first Faculty member of financial advisers for the University's Financial Planning Institute, 1986. Beverly Kennedy has completed the necessary coursework to become Supreme Court Certified as a County Court Mediator. She was appointed as an Industry Arbitrator for the Securities Industry, (special certification in employee/employer disputes) and served from 1992‐2005.

Beverly and her well known husband Ed Kennedy, who helps with the research of the magazine radio format, in total bring nearly 100 years of solid knowledge of the Facts of Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade Counties. Ed Kennedy served as an 8‐year Broward County Commissioner 1984‐1992, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Broward, and Vice Mayor of Lauderdale By the Sea. One can say the Kennedys know "where all the bodies are buried" and Who's Who and What are the "FACTS FROM FICTION "©.

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