Diversity Planning Institute, a Florida non-profit, is continuing its commitment to produce the Lifestyles Magazine Radio show with its Public Affairs Programming; utilizing the opportunity to provide a community service with informative, vital, and verified information on the new Community Affairs Radio Network serving South Florida, from Boca Raton ,Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach, "Gold Coast", and "Treasure Coast", Florida.Read More - Click here

New and current "Facts from Fiction"© about Health, Financial, Legal & Political Commentary; and credible, researched facts to protect and improve your lifestyle will be our focus. Many of the programs will be information about not‐for‐profit's service programs helping our South Florida communities .

Nationally, current links to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Judicialwatch.com will continue. Kennedy emphasizes "We commit to telling the truth, the whole truth as we editorially have done on iHeart radio and WBZT. for the last 3 and a half years, and my entire career as a Financial Advisor and Broadcast Journalist."