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Your next good financial decision begins here!
There is now an important need for expert and current advice on Financial needs:

  • Income/expenses,
  • Liquidity,
  • Protection,
  • and then…
  • Pay Off All Debt

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Lifestyles Financial Facts from Fiction

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LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE© RADIO will identify legal problems and offer solutions based on well researched and accurate facts.

We place priorities on Legal Issues such as Estate Planning, Families, Consumer Law Issues and Consumer Fraud.

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Introduction to our Programs

You could continue to be used, abused, ignored, scammed, and led to slaughter like lambs,

you can PROTECT your chosen Financial, Health and Legal lifestyles using knowledge. Our mission is to give you valuable information: current, relative and accurate, in order to help you stamp out financial illiteracy that is rampant in South Florida, and improve your life!

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